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Reem in concert at LSO St Lukes, London, Sept 2008 (part 1) & (part 2)

Live performance with band as part of the Barbican's Ramadan Nights programme.

Under The Influence: the Garth Hewitt Songbook - Vol. 1

Listen to Reem Kelani singing "Oh Palestine".
Download: 9.6MB mp3 file

Naufrágio / 'Aashiqun min Filistin (Shipwreck / Lover from Palestine)

With Fado singer Liana, Reem explored the historical links between Arabic and Fado music. From Palestine to Portugal had its world premiere at the Musicport Festival, Bridlington, October 2008.
Lyrics: Cecilia Meireles / Mahmoud Darwish
Music: Alain Oulman / Reem Kelani
Arranged by Reem Kelani, Liana & David Beebee (PRS for Music) (10.15 MB)

World Cafe, BBC World Service

Listen to Reem Kelani performing with Jazz musician Guy Barker before a live audience at London's Pizza Express Jazz Club.
Download: 3.8MB 6m34s mp3 file


Turkcell Kuruçesme Arena, Istanbul,30 June 2009:

Watch Reem in concert with the Turkish collective Kardes Turkuler and Armenian musician Arto Tunçboyaciyan perform the following songs:

1. Mawwaal (preceded by a moving Turkish Sephardic song by Selda Öztürk)
Poetry: Mahmoud Darwish (1941-2008)
Music: Reem Kelani
Duo at the end with: Vedat Yildirim

2. Sprinting Gazelle
Traditional Palestinian
Arranged by: Reem Kelani, as well as Kardes Türküler in this rendition
Dabke dancer: Bayza

3. Galilean Lullaby
Lyrics: Traditional Palestinian
Music: Reem Kelani
Piano solo: David Beebee Clarinet solo: Shükrü
Duo at the end: Vedat, Feryal Öney & Arto Tunçboyaciyan (special guest)


Watch Reem perform Galilean Lullaby live in concert at the Junction, Cambridge, 1 March 2012.


Watch Reem perform the title track of her album "Sprinting Gazelle, with the Turkish collective Kardes Turkuler and Armenian musician Arto Tunçboyaciyan 2009.


Watch Reem singing Ya Raayhin al-Nabi on Turkish Kanal 24 TV.


Enjoy Reem and Gaelic singer Catriona Watt in song.


Watch a special feature on Reem on al-Jazeera English 2007.

(Clip of Reem appears after 4 minutes 10 seconds)


Watch a clip of Rev. Garth Hewitt's film about Bethlehem "Hidden from View", which uses Reem's music for its soundtrack 2009.


Musicport Festival 2006

Watch Reem sing Yafa at Musicport Festival 2006.