29 July 2023 to 29/07/2023, 7-8pm
WOMAD, Ecotricity stage
Reem will perform a set with her band, comprising Bruno Heinen (piano), Ryan Trebilcock (double bass) & Riccardo Chiaberta (drums).

28 July 2023 to 28/07/2023, 6-7pm
WOMAD, All Singing All Dancing stage
The master of workshops, Reem will be giving another of her vibrant & hugely informative introductions to Arabic and Palestinian music.

01 June 2023 to 01/06/2023, 12.15pm (UK time)
Ajyal Radio (Palestine)
Reem in interview with Najah Musallam about her concert for the Palestinian Museum.
See: Listen to the interview here

01 June 2023 to 01/06/2023, 9am (UK time)
Syria TV
Reem talks with Hany Sharif about her music and about attempts to suppress the Palestinian cultural narrative in Europe & N America, with reference to the removal from Spotify of Muhammad Assaf's song "Dammi Filastini".
See: Listen to the interview here

30 May 2023 to 30/05/2023, 4-5.40pm (UK time)
Palestinian Museum Social Media Platforms
‘Reem Kelani Sings for the People by their Sea’. Reem Kelani, ‘the unofficial ambassador for the culture and music of Palestine’ will put on an extraordinary heritage-inspired musical performance inspired by and dedicated to the Palestinian coast. This is in line with the museum’s current exhibition A People by the Sea: Narratives from the Palestinian Coast. 6-7.40pm (Occupied Palestine Time)
See: Palestinian Museum