11 March 2016 saw the release of Reem's second album: "Reem Kelani: Live at the Tabernacle" on Fuse Records. Please support Reem and buy multiple copies, to give independent art a chance.

Alongside our promotional campaign for the new album, Reem has already picked up working on her Sayyid Darwish project. But please understand that, after the intensive and exhausting past 6 months of trying to get the live album published, it may be some time before we can complete the Darwish project.

Reem's documentary for BBC Radio 4, Songs for Tahrir, remains available to listen to.

In 2015, Reem had the privilege of performing as a soloist before a packed audience of some 4,500 in Britain's premier concert venue, the Royal Albert Hall, in Sir Karl Jenkins' Stabat Mater, alongside the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the London Philharmonic Choir.

In a similar vein in 2014, Reem performed with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, an on-stage band and a choir of 250 in Norway in May.

Video clips from Reem's other performances are available on her official Youtube channel.

BBC World Service's Lullabies from the Arab world, featuring Reem, is also still available to listeners.

Reem's From Palestine to Portugal commission, originally for Musicport 2008, remains a unique mixing of Arabic and Portuguese voices, of Fado and Arabic music, and of the verse of Palestinian national poet, Mahmoud Darwish, and Portuguese Nobel laureate, Jose Saramago. For a taster, click here: Naufrágio / 'Aashiqun min Filistin (Shipwreck / Lover from Palestine).