New projects

We announce the release of a digital EP "Why Do I Love Her?".

The EP comprises:

- a love song from Kuwait;
- "Going up the mountain", a traditional Palestinian song from the Galilee, which Reem has already been busy introducing to choirs across the UK;
- Entitled "Why Do I Love Her?", which is also the title track of the EP, this song describes Reem's anguished love for Palestine;
- "Mama Don't Allow", an American blues number Reem used to sing to her mother.

You can buy the EP here

Meanwhile, work continues on Reem's next album This Land is Your Land, albeit it has been delayed and we now expect to see its release in 2021.

The album will comprise songs from the communities alongside which she grew up in Kuwait. Most of the songs relate to countries targeted by Donald Trump's anti-Muslim travel ban. They will reflect her journey through the musical cultures, not only of the Middle East, but of many 'others'.

It will be, says Reem, 'a celebration of diversity and difference'.