New projects

We are humbled by the level and generosity of the support we received through our Kickstarter campaign earlier this year. This funding is now enabling Reem to press ahead with production of her This Land is Your Land album.

The album will comprise songs from the communities alongside which she grew up in Kuwait. Most of the songs relate to countries targeted by Trump's anti-Muslim travel ban. They will reflect her journey through the musical cultures, not only of the Middle East, but of many 'others'.

It will be, says Reem, 'a celebration of diversity and difference'.

Reem is finalising the arrangements and hopes to begin recording in late 2018.

With the release of This Land is Your Land now likely in 2019, Reem has decided to release in the interim a digital EP, comprising four songs from a concert in 2016.

The songs for the EP, which have not been released before, include:

- a love song from Kuwait;
- a traditional Palestinian song from the Galilee;
- a song Reem wrote about her love for Palestine. Entitled "Why Do I Love Her?", it's the title track of the EP;
- a well-known American blues number.

Details of the EP's release will be published very shortly.